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    Idyllique Garden

    I had a burnout.

    It’s been months now that I’m still trying to digest what happened.

    I have deleted all my contents as I felt not aligned anymore with what I created, at one point, I was barely incapable of opening Instagram…

    Anxiety & Depression hits me.

    I felt weak, 0, sad and sick of thinking about myself: You are not enough, you could do so much better, this picture did not perform well, delete it now and work on it tonight while watching a movie with your loved one. Why aren’t you doing this right now? Look at you now you, ppl doesn’t care about you and your business! How are u gonna tell your friends, family, clients you don’t want to continue this anymore. Push yourself more and send this email. It’s your day off at work? You have no excuses, work on IdylliqueGarden!!!

    And one day, you understand, you resign.

    Today, 8 June, it’s time for me to be FREE.

    Idyllique Garden it’s over for good 🙂 I’m glad, grateful for this experience and I want to thank you all of you who purchased from me, spoke to me via DM, encouraged me, shared a passion with me.

    You can still purchase the last products with the code END2022 (-20% on your order) thank you for your support!

                                                                 Peace & Love, Alex

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