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Gentle Exfoliator – Enzymatic


No grain for an incredible sweetness,such is the high performance of this exfoliant. The selected papaya extract is rich in papain,a natural enzyme derived from the fruit, which has a keratolytic action promoting the removal of impurities and dead cells on the surface of the skin.

The date extract acts on the multiple signs of age for a radiant skin of youth.


+ Removes impurities gently

+ Gummed dead cells

+ Tightens pores

+ Purifies & affine

+ Illuminates & Smooth

+ Unified


Apply on the face and neck and lightly massage until the gel transforms into an oil.

Lightly moisten your hands and lightly massage the skin again for 3–5minutes.


Do not apply for more than 5minutes & avoid the eye area.

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Perfect for prone acne skin and the most sensitives ones.



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