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    One month results - Anti-blemeshes oil

     What do you think about ?

    “I applied the oil for about one month and ten days now and I already can gladly notice some changes, my skin is lighter and softer and damn..the redness is fading, and the pimples too!”

    What was your routine with ?

    “My routine is pretty simple, I use the oil just after I washed my face, I do not use to many product tho, every morning I apply to Eclat de Rose – Light Fluid, I guess the oil made it all”.

    Will you consider using the oil again ? 

    “Oh yes, now I’m even thinking about buying the Hormonal Acne Set, I know it can only help!”.



    3 months results - Hormonal acne set

    Can you describe your 1st month ?

    “After one month using the routine, my skin was looking better also I had still some spots in chin area but skin was feeling better”.

    What about your 3rd month ?

    “After 3 months, it cleared up a lot and it is so much better! I have now just occasional spots, it’s really good”.

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