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    My biggest wish is to help you to achieve a glowy and healthy skin.

    All the products you will find here are selected by myself, I make sure they are good for you and not harmful to animals or the planet.

    I exige them to be organic and especially made for skin conditions.

    Not least to say, most of the formulations do not contain water & are raw which gives them the best active ingredients.

    Alexya Verger

    Skin Specialist


    My customers

    give their opinion

    Martina Micallef

    Excellent service and amazing products ❤ 10/10 for me, will definitely buy again 😊


    Merci à Alexya pour ses conseils avisés. C'est une vraie passionée qui connaît ses produits à la perfection et qui travaille dans le respect de la Terre, des hommes et des animaux. Qualités rares ! Je suis ravie de mes produits bio et recommande chaleureusement Idyllique Garden

    Charlène DL

    I asked Alexya some advices about my skin problems. She's been really helpful and listening. She took the time to advise me good products, and quality products. I'm more than happy about the customer relationship, I'll be happy to order again and advise it to my friends too. Thanks a lot.

    Charlène DL

    Super produit, tout est tès naturel, ça change et ça fait du bien. Je pense commander très régulièrement.

    Maurine Bouvard

    Thank you so much to bring this idea to Malta 🥰 Your products are amazing 😍

    Leva Kagaine

    Finally, we ahve an online shop here in Malta with high-quality products. Products are perfect for my sensitive skin and would love to order again anytime soon. Alexya was very helpful and delivered products very quickly. Thank you so much 💛💛💛

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